Etna natural park

Etna park

In every season of the year the magnificent territory of the park offers woods, paths and incredible views all at your disposal and easily accessible once you have booked a stay in our structure.

Mighty and generous, it offers many activities to do during your stay at our structure.

Find out more via the interactive map of the park


Numerous activities to be carried out:

trekking, mountain biking, archery e

suggestive horseback riding through the paths of the pine forest

Also exhilarating outings with the Quads.

cable car of ETNA

Stroll over the peak of the volcano, breathe deeply in the clean and pure mountain air.

Observe the magic of the landscape, see the sea directly from the highest point on Etna.

All possible through the Etna cableway and the excursions that we can help you organize. Consult the site