Get inspired by the nature

A magical and fabulous place totally immersed in nature
Located on mount Etna in the Biancavilla pine forest, at an altitude of 1520 meters high above sea level


Characterized by original, intimate and characteristic rooms, as well as by tables placed directly on the grass, in the middle of nature.
All accompanied by a healthy and genuine Sicilian cuisine where the flavors taste of the season.
The ancient recipes of the past will come back to mind, such as soups, jams, preserves savored with the taste of Sicilian conviviality.


In fact, we have everything you need to make your ceremony a truly special day.
You can decide to stay at our structure and take advantage of all the related services and then enjoy our best genuine products specially served in original and
characteristic banquets, both inside the premises and outside, in contact with nature.


Sensation that you will experience admiring the uncontaminated nature of Etna, walking through the woods, lying under the stars, listening to the crackling of the fire, enjoying excellent wholesome food.

Among many of the welcoming Sicilian land, the company proposes to act as a link between you and Etna and in the evening in front of the fire or under the stars, it is nice to exchange impressions on the adventures of the day.
And it’s still nice to keep quiet to watch the sunset reflecting its warm light on Etna, waiting for the night to infiltrate.


Walking through the streets of the structure
it is possible to see different animals in their natural habitat such as rabbits, guinea fowl hens, chicks, horses.
In addition to living 100% immersed in the nature offered by the Etna park.


The practice of yoga helps the lazy body to become active and vibrant.It transforms the mind, making it harmonious.
Yoga helps to keep the body and mind in harmony with the essence, the soul, so that the three are merged into one.


If you have decided to visit the eastern coast of Sicily you cannot miss a stay in our structure. We are halfway between the sea and the mountains.

The orchard is located just 35 km from the city of Catania, a hub if you want to visit the wonderful Sicily and its countless beauties.